About us

RCCG Miracle Center started by the help of the Holy Spirit on June 16th 2012 at Lerchenstrasse 5. 80995 Munchen with Pastor Samuel and the Pioneer Parish Pastor while Pastor Abimbola took over in 2016

RCCG Miracle Center

Hail Miracle Center, 
I’m proud to belong to a Church like you
Yours is the pace, for all others to set
Excellence is your goal
RCCG Miracle Center 
We lift your name up high
The pride of Jesus, a star in Munich
You are and will ever be

Jesus Christ is the Chief Cornerstone
On whom our anchor holds
His faithfulness endureth forever
Halloweth be His name
RCCG Mircale Center
He’s the Rock on which we stand
The rock that never faileth He is
Our Savior, Lord, and friend 

Expanding the Kingdom of Heaven is our everyday business. As we welcome you into the fold of our Heavenly Father, He welcomes you also. Our Place of comfort...we are committed to raising disciples for Jesus Christ by following the teachings Jesus Christ left for us as Christians through the WORD ( The Holy Bible ).

In RCCG Miracle Parish, we believe the genuineness of working together as a team in God’s House. Our aim is to add value and impact positively in the lives of our members, our local community and extend our hands of fellowship to other charitable organisations in order to make life more meaningful and enjoyable to people with the ultimate aim to making Heaven.

Church Ministries & Departments

- Training Department (Sunday School,
House-fellowship, Church Training) Evangelism & Follow-up Department

- Hospitality and Protocol Unit
- ICT & Media Unit; Welfare
& Hospitality Department
- Sanitation Unit; Maintenance Unit,
Technical Department;
- Ushering Department; Choir Department;
Prayer Band Department; Children Ministries